Provincial Achievement Tests

Provincial Achievement Tests

Dear Parents/ Guardians,                                                               April 25th, 2019


            This letter is to inform you that your child will be sitting for Alberta Provincial Achievement Testing (PAT exams) later this school year. PAT exams are administered across the province of Alberta for students in Grades 6 and 9. Students will complete exams in their core subject areas as follows:

  • Language Arts (English) – Part A – (Writing)
  • Language Arts (English) – Part B – Reading
  • Mathematics (English) – Part A – (Numerical Response – Calculators are NOT permitted)
  • Mathematics (English) – Part B – (Multiple Choice – Calculators are permitted)
  • Science 6 or 9
  • Social 6 or 9

Language Arts Part A (Writing) will be administered Tuesday May 7th (Grade 6) and Wednesday May 8th (Grade 9). It is imperative your child be at school for 9:00am on this date.

All remaining exams will be administered in June as follows:

  • LA Part B (Reading Comp.)
  • Mon. June 10th - Grade 9 (Library)
  • Tues. June 11th - Grade 6


  • Science
  • Wed. June 12th - Grade 9
  • Thurs. June 13th - Grade 6


  • Math Part A (written, no calculator) & B (Multiple Choice)
  • Mon. June 17th - Grade 9
  • Tues. June 18th - Grade 6


  • Social
  • Wed. June 19th - Grade 9
  • Thurs. June 20th - Grade 6


If you would like further information regarding PAT exams, you can find more information online though the Alberta Education General Information Bulletin, which can be accessed using the following link:

Student scores do impact our school, and we strive to make sure all our students are successful each year. We appreciate your cooperation and will be in contact further as necessary.

  • Mrs. Wright (Grade 9) & Mr. Hulme (Grade 6)